Vespa Smallframes
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Stuff to download

font for Macintosh or Windows

Lunapop - 50 Special (Italian)

Lunapop - 50 Special (English)

External Links

Vespa Smallframes Forum UK based
Vespa Smallframes Yahoo Group Still going strong, it seems
2 Stroke Buzz (Stylish scooter fanzine)

Project 13 scooters Restoring and customising my ET3
Scooter Emporium where I bought it all those years ago.
Piaggio's Vespa Site
International Scooterists BBS archive And it's modern replacement
SIP-Scootershop (German. They sell everything)
Scooter Center Koln (German. Cheaper shipping than SIP)
Beedspeed (British. very helpful and knowledgable)
Scooters Originali Mail Order.(American)