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Wiring in Bar end indicators.

Some smallframe Vespas were fitted as standard with Hella or Triom bar end indicators.

The indicators fit into special headset tubes that don't turn with the clutch and throttle. While conversion is possible (SIP sell all the parts), it's easier to do it without, and just have indicators that turn. These instructions were supplied for bikes that already had the special headset tubes, but the general principles are the same. If you need to know how they are wired into the bike's electrical system click here.

Here you see the Hella bar end indicator as supplied - an orange plastic lens and the bulb mounting. The mounting is black plastic with a metal surround that earths the bulb to the scooter frame. Also included are a small spring and a brass conductor.
First you need to take the wire from your indicator switch and pass it through the handlebar. You will need grips without ends. pass the wire through the small spring and screw it into the brass conductor. This is the live feed for the indicator bulb.
Now get the indicator bulb (6v 16w festoon / fuse type bulb) and clip it into place between the two brass conductors. See how the spring keeps the bulb under tension
Now you can screw the orange plastic lens back onto the bulb mounting.
You need a sleeve to secure the bulb mounting to the handlebar. It needs to be a tight fit both to the handlebar tube and the bulb holder. The sleeve has a hole to screw it into the bulb mounting. Roll back the handlebar grip.
Remove the screw from the indicator as shown.
slot the indicator into the handlebar.
Replace the screw, securing the indicator to the handlebar as shown. This should now be tight, and should have created an electrical circuit. If not then you may need to run some cable from the headset switch on each side to make a definite earth connection.
Roll back the handlebar grip. That's it for this stage.

Now how on earth do you wire all this stuff up? Click Here to find out.
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