Vespa Smallframes
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The legendary Vespa 90SS and 50SS

With its cut-down legshields, narrower headset, alloy brake drums, spare wheel and dummy-tank toolbox the Vespa 90 Super Sprint was designed to appeal to the racer. The engine was a highly tuned 90cc 4 speed unit which could propel the scooter to over 50mph. The 50cc version could also touch 50mph. These were the fastest smallframe Vespas until the ET3 arrived in 1978.

Many of these it seems ended up in Canada and New Zealand (where they were sold without the spare wheel and dummy-tank). The 50SS was replaced with the 50 Sprinter and the 90SS was replaced with the 90 Racer. These used the highly tuned engines in regular smallframe bodyshells.

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