Vespa Smallframes
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The project bike

The project Vespa is a 1983 125 Primavera ET3. I bought it at an excellent shop in Brick Lane, London, called Scooter Emporium. They ship loads of classic Lambrettas and Vespas from Italy, and also do great prices on new Vespa PX and ET2/4 models.

I originally chose the ET3 because it's the fastest classic smallframe, and I always prefered the more classic shape over the PK and larger PX models. It was made in 1983, looking every one of its 17 years. Since purchase it has had the crappy far eastern tyres replaced first with Sava MC 12 Whitewalls, then Michelin S1s, It has had mirrors added and then removed, a couple of clutches, cables and brake pad sets, a Leovinci exhaust and an engine rebuild including the fitment of a Polini 130 kit. The latest addition is a spare wheel on the legshield with a very rare glovebox in the centre, made by F.A.R. of Italy. Here's a few pictures.

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