Up until 2000 brand new Vespa PKs were sold in Japan. The sole distributor was Narikawa. These guides were produced in Japanese by Motorino Del Vento, a Japanese dealer. I have copied them onto my own server rather than directly linked to them because they use javascript pop-ups which defeat Babelfish, and with the demise of the models, will soon be unavailable on the original site. So I have done the hard work of translating every single page for you. Where I could figure out what Babelfish was on about I put some proper English instead of the straight translation. However you will find some of this seems to make no sense at all. They didn't make any sense to me either, so I left the original Babelfish translation in there. If some kind hearted Japanese/English speaking person would like to provide proper translations from the Original site I would be eternally grateful. You'd get a credit too.

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This is the only 50 with an automatic gearbox.
It's body is common with the 50HP and 125A.
By any means, you say we would like to ride automatically with 50, if is, there probably is only this, but speaking clearly, it is slow. (Power rise) seat high is high to the 60cc and the car weight heavily being with wanting, perhaps just a little it is not agreeable to the girl.

It is automatic, but there is a neutral.
The 50A has auto-mixing of oil and petrol, so you don't need to premix. Instead of a lever by the petrol tap, the choke lever is situated just above the front brake, so you don't need to bend down when riding.
The electric apparatus is of course 12v. This means that the 35w headlight is easily bright enough.

[ Specification ]
Type designation V5P2T
Full speed 50km/h
Engine 49.3cc bore 38.2mm stroke 43mm two cycle
Starting system Sel-motor
Ignition system CDI contactless type flywheel magnetic 12v/80W
Battery for starting 1C$2v/7a
Lubricating system Automatic operation mixture
Fuel consumption 1.9l/100km
Tank capacity 5.8l
Gear box CVT Bali a tar mechanical control system
Tire size 3.00x10 "
Total length / full-width / total height 1,695mm/700mm/1,180mm
Wheel base 1,175mm
Weight 92kg
Price \365,000